These are a few of my least favorite things…

April 7, 2011 § 1 Comment

“Never neglect an opportunity for improvement”

~Sir William Jones

There are things about myself that I just don’t like:

  1. I am overweight.
  2. When I have a disagreement with friends or family, I assume that “they will need me before I need them” and seldom make efforts to “make it right.”
  3. I am a horrible listener.
  4. I like to be right. If I am right, I will go to extraordinary measures to make sure you know I am right. I will research to prove I am right. If I am wrong, rarely will I let you know.
  5. I curse like a sailor.
  6. I sincerely believe I am incapable of forgiving my father for what I deem as sub-par parenting.
  7. I am horrible at keeping up with friends, even the ones I love the most.
  8. I rarely finish what I start.
  9. I hate passive aggressive behavior directed at me, but will often direct it at others.
  10. I am very judgmental.

I have recognized these flaws in myself.  I have adopted a mantra of sorts that I will “Be a 1% better person today, then I was yesterday.”  In my mind, that means, if I say 1 less curse word today, I am making progress.  I have decided that I will use the remainder of my 20s to correct behavior that I have been getting away with since birth.  I don’t want to live the rest of my life with incomplete projects, interrupting others while they speak, or judging others. I want to live a life of love, friendship, and happiness. 

I have to start getting the debris of bad behavior off the island. After all, sunshine only illuminates garbage, it doesn’t make it prettier.


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