Sunshine Island

January 28, 2011 § Leave a comment

“We are all islands in a common sea.” ~Anne Morrow Lindbergh

I am an ISLAND!  I am single, 26-year-old, dred-headed young professional, island.

Before you equate that statement with me being some weirdo recluse who has no family, no life and no friends, please give me a second to explain.  In the grand scheme of eternity, 26 years is not a significant amount of time to learn anything. In terms of life spans, it is quite a bit of time to gain some wisdom, no matter how infinitesimal. 

I have learned that God loves me something fierce! Every morning (for the most part) I wake up happy, full of joy, and ready to see what the day will bring. Every night, I reflect on what’s happened during the day. What I liked. What I didn’t. How tomorrow can be better.  For the most part, my days consist of me conducting my various activities (work, reading, working out, etc.) alone.  Even when alone, I am HAPPY! (i.e. a little ball of sunshine – or so I’ve been told). 

I will invite almost everyone to the shores of my realm.  I am very social, outgoing, bold, and unafraid! But to invite you into the heart of my world, the world where I am sensitive, insecure and desperately longing for approval, I have to really trust you. 

From my constant state of tranquility, I can see all kinds of disasters or for the purposes of the metaphor of the blog, ship wrecks. Sometimes I don’t see them until they happen . Sometimes I can tell foreshadow the not so pleasant event.  I can choose to get involved with the madness and chaos that occurs around me, or not. I can choose to try to make situations better (regardless of whether I contributed to them or not). I can dismiss people from my world if they are causing chaos (you’ve been voted off the island). And these choices are MINE alone.

This is my 3rd blog. The first, on MySpace, was primarily my teenage self expressing passive aggressive sentiments to my readers/friends/lovers.  The second, Blogger, was my journey from the last year of college until the end of my law school career.  And this one, well, this will be my grown up blog. 

Welcome to Sunshine Island.  I hope you enjoy!


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